If you have cancer, it is important for you to eat well to help your body fight the disease. Unfortunately, this is not always easy as treatments for the cancer can sometimes make you feel unwell. Fortunately, there are ways to manage and control these symptoms, to assist with improving your appetite and food intake.

Who should see an Oncology/Haematology Dietitian:

  • Anyone struggling with their oral intake
  • Anyone who is unable to maintain their weight
  • Anyone with a feeding tube
  • Anyone wanting to learn about improving symptoms from cancer treatment
    • Symptoms may include vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea, sore mouth/throat, taste or smell changes, early satiety, poor appetite
  • Anyone needing help with label reading, cooking and meal preparation tips
  • Anyone needing to learn about mindful eating
  • Anyone wanting to learn about strategies for establishing improved lifestyle changes
  • Anyone wanting a tailored nutrition plan to meet your goals
  • Anyone wanting to learn about oral nutritional supplements
  • Anyone wanting to take part in the Home Enteral Nutrition (HEN) Program
    • This program, with a dietitian’s referral, allows participants to purchase oral nutrition supplements at a heavily discounted rate.
    • Most companies also deliver directly to your door.
  • Anyone with a DVA gold card (or white card who qualifies) requiring Oral Nutrition Supplement fully subsidised by DVA
Meet our Dietitian


You do not need a referral to see a dietitian privately. Fees can be self-funded or partially rebated by health fund (you will need to check with your own health fund for your level of cover as different health funds and different level of covers attract different rebates).

A GP referral is required for bulk-billed appointments, under the Chronic Disease Management Plan, or DVA (For Gold card holders and some white card holders).

All bulk-billed Chronic Disease Management appointments will go for 30 minutes.

All DVA patient initial appointments will go for 45 minutes. DVA subsidised follow up appointments will go for 30 minutes.

All other initial appointments will go for 60 minutes. All other follow up appointments will go for 30 minutes.

All Chronic Disease Management and DVA appointments referred by a GP will be bulk-billed and you will not need to pay anything at your appointment. However, failure to produce an accurate and up-to-date referral from your GP will attract standard charges.

If you have a Chronic disease management referral from a GP, but feel you need more than 30minutes for your appointment (recommended if you have more than 1 issue to discuss), you might want to consider a non-bulk-billed appointment. We will still honour the CDM referral but the balance there will be a gap payment to cover the extra time needed.

For more information about our fees, please contact us on (07) 5613 2480.

Our Partners in your Health Care

Tasman Health Care are very excited to announce we have teamed up with Atkins Health who will work together with our Oncologists to deliver you a special program designed specifically to help you through and after your treatment.

Atkins Health have ample experience across a range of conditions and accept all types of referrals, private health funds, and private paying patients.

Through individual and group-based sessions Atkins Health team of exercise physiologists will encourage, guide and structure a plan to help with;

  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • Retention of strength and function
  • Reduce negative effects of treatment and inactivity
  • Improve recovery and much much more.

Atkins Health “Secret Recipe”

To understand the way the Atkins Squad like to work is really quite simple. We work off capitalising on three key principles when assessing and 3 key principles when prescribing. When assessing we are looking for the needs of our clients, the systems that are affected (neurological/ musculoskeletal/ skeletal/ hormonal/ psychological etc)  and the movement patterns that occur as a result. We then educate our Friends (clients) on what we have found. Educating them up, to make them the professional at their own condition.

Next is the exercise prescription. We then create an individualised, personalised program with both visual and written aids to capitalise on the three main principles on ensuring results. They are: Compliance – a program is only effective if it gets done, Quality & Technique – a movement (exercise) is only as effective as the delivery, and progression – a program is only able to be designed for where your currently at it is impossible for us to know how quickly or effective the exercises will be for the individual so monitoring progression to speed up slow down or completely change our tact is extremely important to ensure results.

And that’s it, that’s the secret to the Atkins Health Squad’s constant success for our friends (clients).

Tasman Health Care will have it’s very own rehabilitation Suite situated at 115 Nerang St (just next door) by mid 2020 where you will be able to team up with Atkins Health on your treatment journey. In the mean time Atkins Health Physiologists can be found at Runaway Bay, Robina, Benowa, Canungra and Varsity Lakes.

For more information please visit

Phone: 0416 669 786